Rocky Horror 30th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas

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Leaving the Frontier on Monday morning, our last day in Vegas. We checked out of the hotel, and loaded up everything into the rental car (which fortunately had a very spacious trunk, because we also had the Bakers and their luggage with us – we all flew out of Vegas on Monday night). I took this picture from the Frontier's parking lot because the posters summed up Vegas so well: boobs, bingo (gambling), and buffets.

We ate breakfast with a view of flamingos and other wild birds outside the window. After breakfast, we went outside to get a closer look, especially at the penguins (Q loves penguins). Note the couple of penguins who were getting biz-zay inside their little cave. That's right, it was a RockyCon weekend and even the penguins were getting some.

Penguin lust is NOT "immoral and wicked", and anybody who says so is just an old prude. It's beautiful! And natural! And I for one fully support penguin lust!

Off to see more animals...


  1. A reminder that Nevada is a "red state"; yet is hosting a RockyCon...
  2. These wild animals belong to Siegfried and Roy, and are presumably the ones who haven't tried to maul anyone yet (and, unlike S&R, are still entertaining audiences).

  1. The Coney Island Emporium at New York New York, with some large sets of lips at the entrance. The Emporium is an arcade, full of machines that take your quarters and don't offer you the chance of getting any back (although they do have tickets redeemable for prizes, and they do allow children to loiter about).
  2. A view from the outside (the bridge leading from the parking garage into New York, New York) showing part of the roller coaster that begins and ends in the Emporium, but goes outside, around, and above the hotel, street, and parking areas.
  3. A view from the parking garage, showing the King Arthur's castle at the Excalibur across the street, through the roller coaster supports.

  1. The Harley Davidson Cafe on the Strip.
  2. Crossing over to the Bellagio, with the Mirage in the background.

Going into the museum in the Bellagio, where photography is prohibited.

  1. Ron and Hillary Maxwell gave us their son's Brad Majors costume, which no longer fit William. Richard looks a little bit like that scary Six Flags guy...
  2. Richard attending Rocky Horror in the Brad costume the very next weekend, in Cleveland, Ohio. With Q and Richard is Kevin Boycik, who was unable to attend Cirque Du Rockeil; and so, we had to bring Richard out to Ohio to meet him.

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