Rocky Horror 30th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas

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Waxing Nostalgic

The photos on this page were taken at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, at the Venetian. Unlike other branches of Madame Tussaud's, at the Vegas museum you are encouraged to pose with and photograph the figures. We went there more than once (the second time with the Jeff and Lisa Baker); but I'm mixing all of the pictures together. We didn't have to pay to get in, since we had purchased PowerPasses, which give you free admittance (and skip-the-line privileges) at a variety of attractions throughout Las Vegas (including the Star Trek Experience, the roller coaster at New York New York, and so on). We definitely got our money's worth with those cards, since they cost less than what we would have paid separately at all of those places...

We're here for the Rocky convention!

And here's the "Horror" to go with that "Rocky"...

  1. Where's Michael Jordan's other hand, and why are my wife (and son) smiling?
  2. Excuse me, but could I have my money back for those last two Star Trek movies? And is George Lucas in here anywhere?

Nicholas Cage! Look! Sean Connery is selling Penis Mightiers!

I don't think that I look that much like Gerard Depardieu, and neither does Richard.

Richard meets more celebrities, and wonders how Don King's hair stays up like that.

  1. Jeff is a pervert, but Richard is just hungry.
  2. Lisa is a pervert, but Richard is just tired.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Kindergarten Cop

  1. Jeff Baker demonstrates to Sir Elton that The Bitch Is, indeed, Back.
  2. Lisa's advice: Things are cheap in Vegas, but that's no excuse not to be a good tipper.
  3. She looks so thrilled...

Arthur makes the talk show circuit (Larry King and Jerry Springer)

  1. The many marriages of George Clooney.
  2. There weren't any statues of Rocky Horror actors at the wax museum, but Meat Loaf did lend them a hand.

  1. A giant in American history.
  2. A giant, period. He must've taken a lot of wax.
  3. This was really cool, in the "sports" room. The floor had a video screen on it, presumably touch-sensitive, so that it reacted when people walked across it. You could "kick" the virtual tennis balls shown here, and they're bounce around the screen and off of each other; or you could walk across a virtual pool, and your footsteps would cause ripples.

  1. This is why they'll never let me have a time machine.
  2. Ditto. And I'd just like to add, "Big hat. Funny."
  3. The first baby on the moon...

Some unwanted heads.

"Hail to the Chief!" Or, as I said in the first picture, "San Dimas high school football rules!"

  1. Little Richard with little Richard.
  2. Stay away from him, you mutant freak!


  1. You're not the Boss of me!

  2. Is this your card? The three of clubs?

  1. Life is a Cabaret, old chum...
  2. And I'll miss you most of all, Scarecrow!
  3. "I think Ben Affleck's bluffing." "Don't you need to be able to act to bluff?"

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