Rocky Horror 30th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas

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  1. The view behind the hotels on the strip: mountains and desert.
  2. This must be where the ho's are! (It's the Westward Ho hotel/casino in the distance.)

Another shot of the Venetian's gondoliers – easy to look at that and forget you're in the desert!

  1. Inside the Venetian ‐ Yes, that "sky" is painted on the ceiling.
  2. This "statue" was a man, dressed and painted all in white. He was silent, and standing [mostly] still (just the occasional nod or small gesture). I had to stop and pose beside him, since that's similar to one of my shticks (my record is almost two hours, IIRC). Note the pile of tips he's gotten for standing around and doing nothing!

Q and Richard in uniform at the Star Trek Experience in the Las Vegas Hilton. (I was also in uniform, a yellow Deep Space Nine tunic, but I didn't get any pictures of myself there. That's OK, though; there are already more than enough pictures of me at the STE (from 1998) or in ST costumes online.) These pictures were taken on Sunday afternoon, at a farewell party for the congoers. There was also a warp core breach drinking contest, but Richard wouldn't let us participate (we had one, though, and it was tasty!)

  1. Jeff Baker, Lisa Baker, and Sherri Timmerman gathered around a warp core breach.
  2. The entrance to the Star Trek Experience, with the starship Enterprise overhead.

We found a Fat Tuesday at the Stratosphere! (There used to be one in DC, many years ago... sigh) At this point, it was already past midnight and too late to go up to the top of the tower and ride the rides (since when do things in Vegas shut down at midnight? At all??) We tried again Monday night before going to the airport and heading home, but the lines were too long.

The Fremont Street Experience also shut down at midnight (it was playing test patterns when we arrived). The 1998 convention was at the Four Queens, and I'm pretty sure they did more than three shows a night back then.) The Fremont Street area also seemed more run down than it was back then; they probably aren't holding up well against The Strip.

  1. What's up with all the oxygen bars we saw scattered around Vegas?
  2. Did I mention that Richard is a total flirt with the ladies?
  3. It's very tiring being so cute. Richard slept like a log every night when we got back to our room; often before we got back...

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