Rocky Horror 30th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas

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Saturday's festivities took place at the Cashman Center, a site also used for a portion of the Rocky Horror 25th Anniversary Convention in 2000. There were some issues with organizations and scheduling, as well as making some attendees wait outside in the hot sun for a while before being let inside. The last part, at least, was not a problem for us, since we had baby Richard with us. There are some places in Vegas where he wasn't allowed, but he made up for that by jumping us to the head of the line in a couple of other places (such as the line to get into Friday's festivities at the Frontier, since the line went through a gambling area and we couldn't legally stand in line ["loiter"] there).

Mick Rock shows off his pictures, plugs his upcoming book, answers some questions, and calls me "saucy."

  1. Richard in his Riff Raff costume (incomplete; we couldn't find his newer, larger jacket or some other pieces in our last-minute packing). Here is an older picture of him which shows off the costume better...
  2. Richard with "the Great" Larry Viezel.

  1. Q and Richard (she's also missing some costume pieces) with Draven and his daughter, the five-year-old Columbia. I did not get a picture of William Maxwell, (the babycast Brad); and unfortunately Zacharie McDee (the babycast Eddie) was unable to attend.
  2. This picture is entitled "Don't Give Your Camera To Ruth Fink-Winter."

Taken outside the Cashman Center, this one is the Riff Raff family with Takahashi Maki from Lips in Japan. After the last Rocky Horror convention in Las Vegas, she married Takahashi Yoshiki (a.k.a. "CrazyBert"), who was sadly unable to attend this con.

Richard with Elisa Dugan. He looks evil in the first one...

  1. Lisa Baker
  2. Jason Kline, lying on the floor and getting his Rocky wraps on.
  3. Elisa and Jason

Richard is such a flirt with the ladies!

  1. Maki with Bluntman and Chronic.
  2. Me with Ronald McDonald. I didn't get a picture of him stripped down to a Clown-Furter, but silentbob037 (Richard Davidson) did.
  3. Slavegirl Leia.

Vegas Newlyweds Tod and Dawn with Richard.

  1. Richard with Linda Brennan
  2. Richard with Elaine Truver from Midnight Madness
  3. L.A. Dennis as "God II" (?)

  1. Richard with the Full Body Cast's JD.
  2. Richard with Ruth Fink-Winter.
  3. Richard falls asleep during his first costume contest, at the age of six months.

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