Rocky Horror 30th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas

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These two pictures were taken outside of Treasure Island (a.k.a. "TI", in what I assume is an attempt to seem more "hip".)
They've replaced the old pirate battle with something called "Sirens", but we didn't get to see it.

  1. Another shot from Treasure Island, with the Mirage in the background. These were taken on Saturday morning while walking down the Strip on foot (it was very hot, but faster than trying to drive down the Strip through 24/7 slow traffic, not to mention finding parking spaces.) We hit the nearby things on foot, and hit the sites that needed driving to on Sunday and Monday.
  2. Across the street was The Venetian, with the ubiquitous video screen advertising their attractions. The first time I went to Vegas, we saw one of those screens crashed with a Windows blue screen of death. I was hoping that would happen again, so that I could get a picture (and be saved from seeing another repetition of the Howie Mandel ad).

Outside the Venetian, the gondoliermen ply their trade.

Inside the Venetian.

A tiger inside the Mirage, just chillin', waiting to be served some Christians for dinner.

  1. My wife Q inside the Mirage, posing in front of the sort of cool scenery which abounds in Vegas.
  2. Going into Caesar's Palace via the "Forum Shops" entrance.

"When you die at the Palace, you really die at the Palace..."

Inside the Forum Shops – a Victoria's Secret display. Appropriate, for a Rocky Horror convention.

Houdini's Magic Shop in the Forum at Caesar's Palace. Great place – they demonstrated a bunch of different magic tricks and gimmicks, and we ended up buying several of them. The woman on the left thought that Richard was so cute, she insisted on taking a picture with him and gave us her email address so we could send it to her.

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