Rocky Horror 30th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas

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These photos were taken at Cirque Du Rockeil, the convention for the 30th Anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was organized by Midnight Insanity and took place in Las Vegas on June 23-26, 2005. Standard disclaimer: I suck at remembering names and placing them to faces; so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me.

Who goes on vacation to the desert in the middle of the summer? It's a valid question; but despite any grousing I may have done (and I can argue that excessive "dry heat" is still "heat", thanksverymuch; just as annoying as, if in a different way, heat with excessive humidity) I really did have a great time. I've been told repeatedly that MI puts on a good con, but this was my first one... And I've never yet left Vegas without wishing I could have stayed longer and done even more. Still, for many reasons (another is displayed below), this con probably would have been better thrown in the fall (say, in the traditional October)...

We were a few months early to see Avenue Q at the Wynn.

  1. My son Richard amusing himself in the Phoenix airport, while we waited to board our (delayed) connection to Vegas. We were concerned about how he'd react to his first plane trip; but he did fine (apart from the ear-popping on descent).
  2. All of us amused at the Las Vegas airport, upon seeing an ad for Barry Manilow. Between that and all the times we saw the Howie Mandel ad, we can say with certainty that Las Vegas is where careers go to die. Pity it's not where Celine Dion goes to die...

  1. Richard being held by his third grandmother, Sheri Timmerman (since she's the adopted mother of half the Castle Transylvanians cast alumni).
  2. I mentioned to Sal Piro at one point that Richard had three grandmothers, and he was disgruntled that he wasn't an honorary grandmother to Richard. I named him Richard's Auntie Mame, which he was happy with.

(Note that I am still working out the proper settings on the new camera for various conditions, including low lighting. The manual that came with the camera had very little detail about anything; but those few details were printed in a dozen different languages; producing a deceptively thick manual with little actual content.)

This is a store in the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall, next door to The New Frontier hotel/casino, where we stayed.
We took this one for Richard's maternal grandmother, who had been really hoping for a "pretty princess" granddaughter.

This picture of my wife and son was also taken in the New Frontier.

  1. Richard, in his Jack Jack costume (sans mask) from The Incredibles, with Bernie Bregman of Sins O' The Flesh.
  2. A couple of attendees from the Japanese cast/fan club, Lips – Sachiko, and the other whose name escapes me.
  3. KT from Las Vegas' Frankie's Favorite Obsession (as Frank) with cast groupie David.

"Big Spender" from the musical Sweet Charity.

"Please, Mister Jailer" from Crybaby, performed by The Full Body Cast of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
I was impressed by the choreography and props used in this one; but I didn't get any pictures that do it justice.

Another "House of Horror" (the Insane Clown Posse) preshow, performed by The Full Body Cast of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I'm afraid that these are all of the preshows which I got pictures of on Friday night. I missed some preshows while changing Richard's diaper, and was unable to photograph others when the batteries in my digital camera died. (Some of the pictures I got were too dark to use, but not as many as I've had with previous cameras. I bought a new one the week before this con.)

Big props to the Avenging Simian guys for the RockyCon cartoons.

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