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We're getting married in the morning... Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime...

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These photos were taken at the convention for the 25th Anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in October 2000. Some were taken on my camera (usually by me); the rest were taken on Jeff Baker's digital camera. I'm still working on scanning and editing my own, as well as expecting some from other castmembers, so don't forget to check back later. As always, I suck at remembering names and placing them to faces; so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me. (These pages were designed under 1024x768 resolution.)

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    Richard O'Brien at the weddings Saturday morning... It turns out he's an Elvis fan (When I eventually got to watch the videotape I paid $110 for, he goes into a digression about Elvis at one point) and he loved the costume I was wearing (props go to Uncle Ken for making it and letting me borrow it!) He saw me and called out, "Hey, El!" So I responded, "Hey, Rick!" I stayed Elvis all day and wore the jumpsuit to the Saturday night events as well, because he asked me too (I had originally planned to be Elvis Friday and wear something else Saturday night -- I'll just have to save that costume for the next Con).

    Richard O'Brien with the always cute Kate "Groupie" Davis and Kristin "Nitsirk" Howe (Sincere Lust's dueling Trixies)...





    Newlyweds Brian and Tai attacking a poor, defenseless cake... They were married in Sincere Lust's spacesuits, with extra accessories (hat, veil, garter, etc.) all done in a matching black and gold motif.


    The happy couples receive autographs, kisses, presents, and a toast.



    Rocky Horror gaming at the Hard Rock Hotel: slot machines and blackjack. The Riff Raff above is Cid, who stood next to me what seemed like forever to buy some of the souvenir Rocky Horror casino chips (I didn't bother to scan them -- if you want to see what those look like, just go to ebay!)

    Also at the Hard Rock: a genuine Meatloaf jacket, a FAKE Time Warp sign and Brad jacket, an Elvis impersonator (me), and a witch (She weighs the same as a duck! Burn her!!)

    And finally, at the Hard Rock Hotel: Patricia Quinn! She came by as I was waiting in line for the Rocky Horror casino chips... She was very nice, and also complemented the Elvis costume -- though I have my doubts that she even remembered it fifteen minutes later... :) To the left is Lady Patricia with Jessica Feldman and Sheri Reosensweig of Transexual Misfits.

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