25th Anniversary in Vegas Photo Album -- Page Five

Oh, it's an 'orny 'oliday with Mary...

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These photos were taken at the convention for the 25th Anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in October 2000. Some were taken on my camera (usually by me), a few were taken by Kristin Howe on a couple of disposable cameras, and the rest were taken on Jeff Baker's new digital camera. Page Ten has frames captured from VH-1's coverage of the Con. As always, I suck at remembering names and placing them to faces; so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me. (These pages were designed under 1024x768 resolution.)

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  • The Castle Transylvanians' Mary Popp-N-Furter preshow:

    I'm particularly proud of this one since it's the first preshow I've had such a large hand in creating. It started some time ago when I wrote Tubeful of K-Y while working on sets for a children's theater production of Mary Poppins. Lisa wanted to make a preshow out of it, so she asked me to write another song, and she and Liz Boyer supplied the dialog. Lisa later let me flesh it out with more songs and dialog as a possible preshow for the 25th in Vegas; and we ended up going with it instead of recycling an old preshow that all the congoers would have already seen... I also had myself as Brad in mind when I wrote it, since Brad has less singing and dancing to do; but Lisa cast me as Riff Raff (which was more fun).

    The cast was (in order of appearance): Columbia (Kristen Cooley), Riff Raff (Arthur Levesque), Magenta (Kate Davis; Lisa Baker provided the voice of Magenta on the recording), Brad Majors/Dad (Todd Douglass), and Mary Popp-N-Furter (Jeff Baker). Jim Bannon managed the audio recording, mixing, and editing.

    Wanted: transvestite for three adorable servants...

    Mary is interviewed by dad Brad, or vice versa, and meets the servants.


    Just a tubeful of K-Y helps the dildo go in...

    Mary leaves, her work there is finished.

    Let's all be like dykes, gay sex is what I like...

    [ Exeunt ]

    In my expanded Mary Popp-N-Furter script, Brad needed to hire a nanny because his wife Janet was out sleeping with everyone (except Brad). I brought her in at the end and re-united Brad and Janet for a happy ending; but the character of Janet and their song together was cut for time (there were other minor changes made as well before we recorded the final version for Vegas).

    I've made a couple of MP3 files from the preshow; right-click on the links to save them: Tubeful of K-Y and Let's All Be Like Dykes.

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