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Look, Mom, I'm on TV!!!

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These pictures are all screen captures from VH-1's Halloween 2000 Rocky Horror Picture Show marathon, using footage from the 25th Anniversary convention in Las Vegas. As always, I suck at remembering names and placing them to faces; so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me. (These pages were designed under 1024x768 resolution.)

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    A crowd of familiar-looking freaks at the Cashman.

    Enter the host, John Fugelsang. (Thank Cthulhu for captions, I never would have remembered his name otherwise!) Forgive me, but I'm not even going to TRY to name all of the people in the crowd (except for Quad -- hi, Quad!)

    Is it just me, or does Jessica Feldman look a little too interested in Fugelsang? ;)
    (That's one way to get a lot of screen time, Daddy!)


    More freaks on parade! (If you look closely, you can see Fred and her tattoos behind Dori Hartley)

    You can't fool me, neither of those people is John Fugelsang! Damned lying captions...

    OK, there's me. I'm happy now (even if I don't look it.)

    Barry Bostwick is right, these Rocky Cons are just FULL of freaks...

    Spyder gets naked! VH-1 faded out before she reached her "brunette Venus rising from the desert" pose...

    More freaks, including Sal Piro

    John gets into a martial arts battle with Japan's own Yoshiki "CrazyBurt" Takahashi (check out the artwork he did for my Rocky Horror South Park Show page...

    Yoshiki wins and gets to keep his "bitches" (Fugelsang tried to talk to their Francine, discovered that the girls didn't speak English, and asked Yoshiki if they were all his bitches... He said "Yes", and had better hope they never see this special with Japanese subtitles...

    Fugelsang recorded some scenes with various groups of characters from the costume contest. Here he is with the Riff Raffs, and outing Vanessa "Q" Vittoe as a "girl"... (I should have listened to Madman Mike and entered the contest! Then again, who knows what Fugelsang would have called me?)

    In the background, Transvestite Soup doing their amazing "Weird Al" polka preshow; and another group freak shot from the end of Rocky Horror

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