Vegas Convention Photo Album -- Page Three
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Saturday afternoon, we went to the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. It seems that I am the only Vulcan to ever yell "SHOTGUN!" before entering a Federation shuttle... But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Note that no photography was allowed on the actual ride itself; just in the entrance area with the items on display, and in the shopping area.

Karen, Jeff, and I went in uniform. Kristy left hers at home, and Cristin forgot hers back at the hotel. Glenn and Lisa didn't have uniforms...


On the way in, there were models, props, costumes (including Kirk's famous "I'm going to get laid this episode" shirt), and other paraphernalia from the various TV series and movies.

After we went through the Star Trek Experience ride, we got out into the shopping area. The area was modeled after the Promenade deck on Deep Space Nine (including a bar/restaurant called "Quark's") and had a number of actors walking around in costume, make-up, and character as Star Trek aliens. They were quite good; better than the ones I've seen elsewhere (like at Paramount's King's Dominion theme park in Virginia); the Klingon exchanged some banter with our group (as well as indulging in a little Vulcan-baiting)...

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