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These photos were taken at the RockyCon in Las Vegas, Nevada, in October 1998. If you're looking for the photos from the 25th Anniversary Las Vegas Convention in October 2000, they're HERE. Most of these pictures were taken by me or Karen Savage, but I did borrow (with permission) some pictures from Adrian/Zola of Portland, Oregon, of me and my cast's pre-show. Click HERE for the full archive of photos he took at the con.

We left BWI (Baltimore International Airport) early on Wednesday, October seventh. We had a short layover in Phoenix, Arizona. I took these pictures in the airport (it's the only time I've ever been in Arizona). This is Karen Savage and Glenn Marker in front of the Wild Best gift shop (the rest of our casts flew separately); and the plane at right is the one we took from Phoenix to Los Angeles. Oh, yes, "casts" (plural) -- the Castle Transylvanians and Sincere Lust) casts did this trip, like most other things, together. There were seven of us in Vegas altogether.

After we arrived at LAX, we picked up our rental car in which we were to drive through the desert ("And on your right -- more dirt") to Las Vegas (this was all cheaper than flying straight to Vegas; although we did fly non-stop from Vegas to Baltimore on our return trip). Before we left LA, however, Karen talked us into checking out the Pacific Ocean and Venice Beach for a while... This is us with some of the local freaks.

On the left -- Karen standing in the Pacific. On the right -- food. Ten inch Italians... Seafood tacos... Mmmmmmm...

Naturally, we hit rush hour traffic and the backup from an accident on the way out. But at least the scenery was interesting -- you can tell that the hills outside LA are where M*A*S*H (and innumerable others) were shot, for instance.

Sunset over the desert. And you have to be there to appreciate how many stars you see out there, far from the lights of the city... Until we approached the Nevada border, which had a few extremely lit-up hotels and casinos as soon as you crossed the state line.

Vegas! I love this town! Excuse me. Anyway, here's a couple of hotels we passed on the way to the 4 Queens, where we stayed (how appropriate, for a Rocky Horror convention). On the left is the Luxor, obviously a headquarters of the Illuminati; and on the right is New York, New York, the hotel so nice they named it twice. It also has quite a kick-ass roller coaster.

Here's the view out of our window (we had two rooms on the eighth floor). The Fremont Experience is quite interesting -- they closed off three blocks of Fremont Street and erected a HUGE fiber-optic color display overhead (I wanted to hook my browser up to it!) which they use for animated, musical interludes at night (the surrounding hotels dim their external lights, and there are plenty of speakers mounted along the street).

This is the view from the Stratosphere, a huge Space Needle-esque tower. The city below is all lit up. In addition to an observation deck, there was also a roller coaster and freefall-type ride at the top of the tower... Nothing special in and of themselves, they still took on a new meaning (and took brass balls ride) when they're occurring outside, about a thousand feet up... WOOHOO!!!!

Our own Jeff Baker, big fan of The Wizard of Oz, with Dorothy in the MGM Grand hotel. Jeff, his wife Lisa, and Kristy Wilson all arrived in Las Vegas later Wednesday night (they also drove in from LA; they spent a few days before and after the convention in LA at various amusement parks, a taping of The Price is Right, and so on). The last member of our group, Cristin Weber, flew into Vegas the next morning.

Lisa hit a jackpot on one of the nickel slot machines -- 1,350 coins! Fortunately, anything over a thousand coins is paid in cash, not in nickels... On the right, Weird Al fan Jeff Baker lost on Jeopardy, baby...

I don't have any pictures of it, but on Thursday night (the night before the Con) we all went to see a spectacular show called EFX. Definitely recommended.

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