Rocky Horror Cartoons

By Arthur Levesque

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This is a small collection of miscellaneous Rocky Horror-related cartoons that I've made. There are separate pages for my Rocky Horror South Park Show and Powerslut Girls (Rocky Horror/Powerpuff Girls crossover) images and writings; as well as my Schoolhouse Rocky song. I've made some other animated graphics for my Rocky Horror Dance page, and I have another page for my other stories, song parodies and writings.

Little Nell's Fever single

Little Nell (Columbia in Rocky Horror) released a single with "Fever" on it; the back of the record slip had a series of pictures of Nell in different poses dancing (taken from a flip-book released through her fan club). I took an existing picture of the record slip off of the web first, and cut and pasted to create the smaller dancing GIF to get a quick and dirty look at the dance. I liked how it came out, so I scanned the record slip myself at a much higher resolution, cut up the picture into the various separate poses, and animated them to create a higher quality animation of Nell dancing. Note that the first frame of the large GIF is a picture of the front and back of the record sleeve -- which is autographed to me by Little Nell.

Rocky Horror Lego Show

I created this one using The Mini-Mizer web page, and pasting the results together.

Doctor Taz-N-Furter and Janet Boop

These are a couple of the first cartoons I did; originally, they were done in the 16-color primary Windows palette since that was all I could use (that should give you some idea how long ago these were done!); once I got a better machine which could display 256 colors, I re-did them and they look much better. Both of these ../images used to be sold by my cast on buttons; it doesn't hurt that my cast leader loves the Tasmanian Devil...


I started this one after I originally did the Taz and Boops above; but then the file was lost (so we thought). It was found and completed a couple of years later.

Hello Kitty-Furter

I whipped this one out for the Rocky Horror Dance page, back when the Hamster Dance started a whole slew of parody pages... Oh well, at least I never got sucked into the "Ate My Balls" or "All Your Base" fads.

Anime Ansalong

Clutch Cargo

I put this one together for Clutch Cargo first aired in 1959 (way before our time, though it's been rerun from time to time since). Giving new meaning to the term "limited animation", Clutch Cargo innovated TV animation in a way Hanna-Barbera never dreamed -- they used live action lips superimposed over cartoon drawings that hardly moved. Conan O'Brien and Weird Al Yankovic have both made use of this technique. I updated Clutch by giving him a very famous set of lips...

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