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These pictures were taken at a special performance of Shock Treatment at the Cedar Lee Cinema in Cleveland, OH, on the third and fourth of November, 2006. The local cast is Simply His Servants; but they had guest performers (and audience) visiting from a number of other casts. (More pictures from this weekend can be found HERE.)

"There's just the two of me …" Shock Treatment Janet (Cleveland's Kimmy Woodworth) meets Rocky Horror Janet (Maryland's Jessica Feldman). Kimmy is wearing Frank-N-Furter makeup because she played Frank in Rocky immediately after playing Janet in Shocky. (This picture, like most, was taken at the Friday night show.)

This is Q as Bert Shnick. Behind her are Judge Oliver Wright (Amy Haydu) and Betty Hapschatt (Justin Bilewicz).

Q again as Bert. Both of these pictures were taken on Friday night (3 Nov 2006) because someone else played Bert at the Saturday night show. This picture also shows off the amount of space Simply His Servants have for preparation and storage behind the screen at their theater.

This is me, Arthur, as used-car salesman Irwin Lapsey from Shock Treatment; a bit character I played both nights. I was originally going to play Bert Shnick; but since I didn't fit into my old costume, I gave it to Q (and she helped me with the Irwin Lapsey costume). This picture was taken in our motel room before the show.

Emily Sakura as Nation McKinley and Shawn Anthony Watts as Eddie.

Shawn and Jessica…

…and Mary Woodworth (as Macy Struthers) and Kimmy.

This is Jeff Baker, currently with Delaware's Formal Dress Optional, as Cosmo McKinley on Saturday (4 Nov 2006) night. Jeff was unable to bring his costume and was going to perform in street clothes – until Q had an insane idea. We went to the CVS store across the street from the Cedar Lee and bought shiny green Christmas wrapping paper, cellophane tape, and a red Sharpie marker. Working quickly, without even a picture of the actual costume for reference, we followed Q's lead and got Jeff suited up as Cosmo in about ten minutes. Note that Q got almost all of the details correct – she just did them all backwards.

First the legs. People wandered over out of curiosity to see what Q was doing, and were drafted to help.

Naturally, the person playing the Wardrobe Mistress (Kimmy Woodworth) had to be involved…

After the pants were done, the top was next. First the sleeves, then the torso. Details were done last.

Brad (John Polifko) has just been committed, and is wheeled away by Nurse Ansalong (Melissa Aron). Cosmo (Jeffie) gives chase, but Janet (Jessica) doesn't sign the contract. Nation McKinley was played by Kendra Thomas. (I believe that all of the show shots I have were taken on Saturday night.)

Jeffie and Kendra. His costume hasn't started to disintegrate yet; but at least it was easy to get off when he needed to change. First he went rip, rip, rip…

This picture was taken during the song "Shock Treatment". Over halfway through the film, after a couple of dance numbers, Jeff's costume was beginning to disintegrate. We were actually surprised that it survived "Looking At An Ace."

Here's "Shock Treatment", with Missy Stricklett and Jessi Berry as Emily and Harry Weiss, and Bill Harris as Bert Schnick.

Ralph Hapschatt (Jimmy Wolske) and Macy Struthers (Mary Woodworth). Note the albatross to the right…

Nation McKinley (Emily Sakura) with the champagne prop bottle (for the end of the movie). The label on the bottle is my design, made for my cast's production of Shock Treatment in 1998, but with the snarky text removed. (I made a variety of graphics and props for that production, including the Dentonvale contract that Janet never signs, the script for the "next episode" which Bert hands Cosmo, and so forth – unfortunately, I've lost most of them. Some of the designs which I do still have need to be updated now that we can see them with greater clarity on the DVD, such as the DTV badges.)

Here's Jeff Baker playing Brad Majors in the Friday night Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was shown after Shock Treatment. Note that he's wearing my cummerbund, that he never returned to me. Not that I mind, but it's fun to tease him. At least this costume isn't made of paper!

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