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On Saturday, July 18, 1998, two Rocky Horror casts (the Castle Transylvanians and Sincere Lust) together put on a double bill of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment in Exton, PA. We also had a full dress rehearsal (with a slightly different cast) the night before. This page contains many of the pictures that were taken with my camera on both nights...

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    Different people preparing for Shock Treatment. (This is a very rare shot of Jeff using Lisa's power tools.) The picture of Bill Brennan was taken by Philadelphia's Transylvanian Nipple Productions cast.

    The audience had to pass this banner on the way in...

    Between Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment, the audience was entertained with a variety of cartoons and videos, including Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light".



    The overture and "Denton USA". Note that the "Home of Happiness" sign has fluorescent paint and a black light to similate the neon sign in the movie; it looks a lot cooler in person than on this picture... Chuck (our Vance Parker) had to leave with Glenn before Shock Treatment started; so we pulled Jessica Feldman out of the audience to replace him.



    Marriage Maze and "Bitchin' in the Kitchen". Note that NYC's Bill Brennan played Bert Schnick for the show, but Lisa Wood Baker filled in as Bert for the dress rehearsal.


    Dentonvale, "In My Own Way".

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