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As always, I'm horrible at remembering names and placing them to faces; so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me.

Quad, Krissy, and I all dressed up for the festivities Friday night; and WUT's Devo as a nun (apparently I've started a trend)...

Various costume contest entrants (from left to right): Sisters Alyssa and Natalie Goodman, an orgy of Janets, and Bradleigh Majors.

LEFT: Creative Magentae... Lori Timmerman with Magenta from Blue's Clues, Vixanne from Victimless Criminals (the winner; along with her corresponding Riff, also the Best of Show winner), and Carole Stueben of Pink Invaders (who was a naughty girl!)
RIGHT: Columbiae, including Jessica Bram (Sins O' The Flesh) as a black trench-coated Columbine-ia.

Trixies! From left to right: Darcy Stockton as the winning traditional Usherette, Nicole (Wild and Untamed Things) in a rather daring and skimpy (and even skimpier when it doesn't stay on) leopard print bikini, and Sonja (the winner) who proved that there was such a thing as a screen-accurate Trixie by painting her entire body black and her lips red.

Quad as Rocky, flanking a line of Transylvanians

Bob, a woman who needs no introduction; and "A Whole Nude World", the Gong Show winner -- performed (not lip-synched) a parody of the Diznee song with accompaniment on keyboard and violin.

The obligatory Spice Girls act that seems to have become a staple at every Con lately -- ummm, why?

Brady leers as the girls get Spicier. After some struggles amongst the judges, the girls are allowed to finish ungonged.


"The kids were mortified!!" -Sal Piro

Quad on a Girl's Night Out


FVE's Rocky People are Theater Fags

Trixies at the Saturday night Rocky Horror Picture Show

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