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As always, I'm horrible at remembering names and placing them to faces; so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me.

Bay Area Con 2000 was held in the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California from July 16-18, 2000. The hotel's ballrooms were all named after various places; the one used for the con was named after the Donner Pass (shame on those who don't recognize the reference). Above center are my two roommates for the Con, Krissy Ludemann (Krissy4711 for you Zenners) and Smurfette.

Speaking of Zenners, here's CL_Wazere (Lance Pester) and Son (Damien), Quad with her robo-poochie Humpty, and Zola (left) with Darcy as creative Eddies.


Swing dancing at the Casino night, and the ingenious drink setup at the rave -- Note the spigots on the Starship Honeycomb, with the hoses leading up to the balcony above! (Richard Chaffino is one of the convention's green-haired gentlemen.)

LEFT: Bernie's (Sins O' The Flesh) creative Riff-Raff. "I'm Mister Heat Miser, I'm Mister Sun... I'm Mister Heat Blisters, I'm Mister One Hundred and One..."
RIGHT: I enter the costume contest as Sal Piro. People are surprised (I've been threatening this for years, ever since people at almost every Con I go to mistake me for Sal)...

More costumes -- Devo's (Wild and Untamed Things) creative Rocky, Bernie again as a fruity Eddie, and Ed Reed's (Barely Legal) hand-made BOBA FETT!!

LEFT: A scuffle amongst Gong Show judges Brady and Dame Edna (Sal Piro)
RIGHT: Anthony Miller (Bawdy Caste) mortified poor Carole with his "Song For Kat" (on guitar is BC's Carmelo Pool). He was selling his CD at the Con; I bought one and enjoy playing that song for people...

The 2000 Olympic Tooth Brushing Team:
I had heard of this pre-show before, but had no need to see it...

LEFT: Me and Sal Piro
RIGHT: Mindy and Karen of the Pink Invaders

Bawdy Caste's Rocky (Jarrett Hastings) tells Frank (Jarrod Pagan) You Don't Own Me! Also appearing: Shannon Blake (Columbia), Richard Davidson (Riff Raff), Melissa Pearce (Janet) and Steve Slatten (Brad). (Unfortunately, I didn't catch Julie Barman as Magenta -- Sorry!!)

Midnight Insanity's Dueling Franks - a "good" and "evil" Frank battle to the tune of two different versions of Sweet Transvestite spliced together.

Wild and Untamed Thing's Getting Back to My Roots, a Ru Paul number

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