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The Philly RHPS Con was held October 18-19, 2002, at the Best Western (Can we sue them for false advertising? Henceforth, we ought to call them Worst Western) Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It wasn't the most organized con, but most people had fun -- in fact, several people I know who usually have issues with each other seemed to be getting along just fine. I was calling it the Age of Aquarius; naturally, though, as soon as people got back home and got onto the newsgroup, that changed pretty fast. Still, we have those peace 'n love memories of Philadelphia Freedom Rock... Heh, too bad Uncle wasn't there in Elton John mode. "Philadelphia freedom took me knee-high to a man..." Uh-huh, right Elton, what are you doing down there?

But I digress. I was there with my new digital camera, with plenty of space on the compact flash card, and batteries that were almost dead. Ooops. So here's what I've got that isn't too dark or blurry to fix. As always, I'm horrible at remembering names and placing them to faces; so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me.

Other people with pictures from Philly: [ Erica | Kelly (BGs Refugee) | Quad | Satanic Mechanics | Scott James | Sheri Rosensweig | Randy Brown 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 ]

Random ballroom babes! From left to right are TNP's Charlene Windham (who I believe was the first of the Rocky Horror Girls Gone Wild), Becky "Angry Inch and a Half" from the Tolls of Madness (who looks a lot like my niece in that uniform), Tara Kulbatski from Home of Happiness (who has monkeys coming out of her navel), and Jenn S. (who is the director of Lechez-Moi).

From left to right: Mellon, sitting out in the non-smoking area (you know, where all the ashtrays were); Brooks Goolsby (Lambda Psi Phi), who reminded me of something from Urusei Yatsura, though I doubt that was what he intended; and Wally Barsell as Ace from Mega Force (starring Barry Bostwick).

Old faces (Jason Kline, on-and-off castmate with me as well as with Home of Happiness; and former castmate Adriana) and a new face (Kailey Kris Defina with her father Kyle, cast director of Sweet Translucent Dreams)!

From left to right ... umm ... a whole bunch of Shock Treatment characters...

From left to right: Emily Agustin of Chicago's Midnight Madness as Nurse Ansalong, PI's Wally Barsell as Nation McKinley, Tom Amici and Jessica Feldman as Brad and Janet Majors, and ??? as the wardrobe mistress.

The beginning, middle, and end of Shock Treatment. That was pretty quick, wasn't it? (This actually was, overall, one of the better convention ST performances I've seen.)

A quick shot from the panel discussion.

From left to right: Linda Brennan, Jenn S., Nikki, JD, Jessie, and Jacki G (all from Lechez-Moi); and Mike

Rocky Horror pictures! From left to right are Brad Majors (Brad Smith), Janet Weiss (Tara Jennings, Sins of the Flesh), Magenta (Emily Agustin, MI), Columbia's legs (Traci Carter, Boston), Frank (Nick), Riff Raff (sorry, Q!), Space Riff Raff, and Space Magenta (Jessica Feldman).

Geena Phillips with one of the Lambda Psi Phi cast's cars (the logo was painted on the back window so the other LPP car could spot them; the target was for the sniper as they passed through Virginia/Maryland).

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