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My autographed copy of John Waters' Pink Flamingos... Although I live in Baltimore, I have yet to actually meet John Waters -- I keep missing him (although a number of my friends have met him in bars, museums, etc.) I was at Hammerjacks seeing the Ramones a week or two before Serial Mom was filmed there. They had flyers advertising the shoot and asking for extras, but I couldn't make it back that weekend... Anyway, while he was at a publicity event for the video/DVD release of Pecker (and I was in Ohio) my friend Karen got his autograph for me.


My friends and I went to see Penn & Teller at the Warner Theater in Washington DC on March 13th, 1999. We were seated in the center section in the FRONT ROW!! Great seats, great view, they even did some interacting with us... Umm, what does "No cameras allowed in the theater" mean? :)



Afterwards, we met them in the lobby, talked, and got autographs... Penn wrote "Is this your card?" on Joe's three of clubs t-shirt.

Eric Idle exploiting Monty Python...

After the show, Eric Idle exploiting my friends Ken, Steve, and Karen

We also saw Kids in the Hall, but were way too far up and back to get any good pictures.

Me with Bernie Kopell (Doctor Adam Bricker from the original Love Boat and Siegfried from Get Smart)

LEFT: A Michael Jackson impersonator in Hollywood. You can tell he's not the real Jacko because his gloved hand isn't on my butt...
RIGHT: And how could we leave Hollywood without visiting the Warner Brothers (and Sister)?

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