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On August 8, 1999, we saw the first and last of three shows that Al put on at HersheyPark in Pennsylvania... Flash photography was not allowed, but I took plenty of pictures without my flash and most came out...

From left to right: "All About the Pentiums," "Beverly Hillbillies/Money for Nothing," and "Eat It"

A parody, not on any of his albums, about pizza delivery to the tune of "My Heart Will Go On."

One picture from "Amish Paradise," two from "Bedrock Anthem," and one from "Fat"... The clown costume is the one he started "Bedrock Anthem" with, which he tore away to reveal the Fred Flintsone fur as soon as the "Give It Away" music began (the rest of the bend were also wearing the costumes that they wore in the "Bedrock Anthem" video, and Amish costumes during "Amish Paradise". They didn't have as many costume changes as Al, but they still had a few).

For the encore, they played "The Saga Begins" and "Yoda" in "Star Wars" costumes...

Thanks to Fred, we had backstage passes and went in to meet Al and a couple of band members after the first show!

Me with Weird Al (left) and Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz (right - he's Al's drummer and maintains the official page). One of the things that I mentioned to Al was that I've also been writing song parodies for many years (Bermuda has seen a couple of them). Al was pretty cool and denies that there's any resemblance (apart from the loincloth) between him and Disney's Tarzan.

A couple of weeks later, the Harwan (a theater in New Jersey) had a special showing of Evil Dead 2 with special guest Bruce Campbell introducing the movie, telling stories, answering questions, and of course signing autographs...

The good Doctor Demento poses for a picture with me and my friend Jim... Perhaps we taught him a new definition for the word "demented"?

When we ordered three copies of the new album by Red Peters, it came with a little thank-you note signed by hand... I have no idea if everyone who orders through his web site gets that, or if we're special because we ordered three at once, or what... But the important thing is, it's a cool album.

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