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These photos of the Rocky Horror Vacations convention were taken by Sheri "Mom" Timmerman. As always, I'm horrible at remembering names and placing them to faces (especially since I tend to be stinking drunk for the entire con!) so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me.

Other people with pictures from Orlando: [ Shawn McHorse | Bill Ung ]

Arriving at the Universal's City Walk theater Saturday night for Rocky Horror

One of the shops at the City Walk had a bunch of familiar terms on it -- Roxy (a theater where the Rocky Horror Show played decades ago, and where part of the 20th anniversary Con was held), Oakley (the castle where Rocky was filmed), and Billabong (as in, "The show's over, time to give Billabong!")

The posse (from left to right): Lisa (a friend of the Bakers), Jeff Baker, Lisa Wood Baker, Arthur Levesque, and Vanessa Vittoe. We (along with Sheri Timmerman) spent part of the day together at Universal (before we all had to split up)...

The Blues Brothers! Jake and Elwood (above) performing; and after the performance with Lisa (formerly known as "L. Wood") and Sheri.

Betelgeuse and his monster revue (they were better in California).

LEFT: Q hanging with a couple of monsters. She obviously has a thing for scary freaks...
RIGHT: (Animatronic) aliens from the MIB ride -- the only one we had to spend a significant amount of time in line for!

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