Rocky Horror Vacations in Orlando -- Page Five

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These photos of the Rocky Horror Vacations convention were taken by Castle Transylvanian Jeff Baker, who only took twenty-seven years to get them to me! As always, I'm horrible at remembering names and placing them to faces (especially since I tend to be stinking drunk for the entire con!) so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me.

Other people with pictures from Orlando: [ Shawn McHorse | Bill Ung ]

Jeff Baker with Sue Blame, and Larry Viezel hanging balloons for the costume challenge.

Rebecca Miller as Janet. Note the Dr. Suess t-shirt in the foreground -- don't you think it would be funnier if the two circles with THING 1 and THING 2 were on the front?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
(Saturday night at City Walk in Universal Studios)






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