Rocky Horror Vacations in Orlando -- Page Four

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These photos of the Rocky Horror Vacations convention Shock Treatment floorshow were taken by RKO's own Sean Twomey -- thanks, Sean! As always, I'm horrible at remembering names and placing them to faces (especially since I tend to be stinking drunk for the entire con!) so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me. If you want to complain about all the backs of people's heads or glowing numbers, talk to Sean...

Other people with pictures from Orlando: [ Shawn McHorse | Bill Ung ]

the vivacious Lori "I guess you're 'Sis' then" Timmerman as Macy Struthers, and Bill "the bong leading the blind" Brennan as Bert Schnick

Dentonvale, where no one can ever accuse Nurse Ansalong of doing a half-assed job!

The pink team (Janet and Sheri "Mom" Timmerman as Emily) vs. the green team (Jeff "diva" Baker as Rest Home Ricky, Nation, Allyson as Ansalong, and Fred as Cosmo).

Janet (Linda Brennan) is looking for trade, while Brad is just enjoying the view... Put a new dress on Janet, and she looks like a whole new person!

I'm just a sweet transv-- oops, wrong movie

Janet sings, "There's just the two of me..."

Janet gets jiggy, and Brad is shocked.

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