Commander Mib Khan  
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Commander Mib Khan is the ship's chief medical officer. Actually, he is only trained as a pharmacist; but he does enjoy playing doctor and he's personally tested all the medicines in sickbay for quality and side effects. His species and homeworld are unknown; he won't tell and no race is willing to take credit for him. The Murgatroid found him and his small spacecraft/distillary floating in a nebula of alcohol. Storvik convinced him to join the crew when he showed him the replicators, capable of making any drug Khan could think of. (At right is the "uniform" Khan was wearing when we found him.)

Khan's personal logs: mib_khan

Khan once got into serious trouble for spiking the female crewmembers' drinks with a special batch or pheromones he created... A serious court-martial offense, normally; though Jellico went easy on him once Khan agreed to share the formula with him. Alabama and Qaren didn't go as easily on him, once the effects wore off; but whatever species Khan is, he's a quick healer.

Khan during a rare rest break on the holodeck. "Rare", because Khan normally used medications, not erratic technology, to alter his reality.

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