Excerpts from the Murgatroid's Logs  

  The Anime Dimension  

Going directly through yet another anomaly (because no one was awake on the bridge), the Murgatroid found itself in another dimension with its own extremely odd laws of physics... Here, Storvik became victim of an involuntary shapeshifting syndrome which caused him to turn into a small, black pig whenever he got wet.

LEFT: Storvik was not amused at how adorable Lieutenant Taet and other crewwomen found him in his porcine form.
RIGHT: Lieutenant Nitsirk was forced to a duel with some of the natives, and for a time had to keep one called the "Rose Bride" in her quarters.

Several members of the crew tried their hands at piloting some of the anthropomorphic combat vehicles of this dimension; and at right, we see that Nitsirk's symbiont had no trouble fitting in.

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