USS Murgatroid  

NCC 4711\4Q
"Veni Vino Vamoose" (I came, I drank, I left)

Theme Songs

These are a couple of the songs written by Commander Storvik, to pass the drunken time in between the occasions when Captain Jellico gets us all in trouble...
(To the tune of the "Love Boat" theme by P. Williams, C. Fox)

The Final Frontier
Beam aboard
Bring some Klingon beer
And space
Man's biggest playground
Party hard
Neighbors won't hear a sound

The Murgatroid
Soon we'll be making the Kessel Run
The Murgatroid
Prime Directive? Ha! Let's have some fun!
Set a course for Orion
We'll pick up a few green chicks

And Space
Won't hurt anymore
Set our guns on stun
Hit the liquor store
It's space
Welcome aboard
It's space!

(To the tune of the "Freakazoid!" theme song)

Flies around with cloaking on
(Murgatroid! Murgatroid!)
Starr can't find a smoking gun
(Murgatroid! Murgatroid!)
Black sheep of the U.F.P.
(Murgatroid! Murgatroid!)
Even mad Klingons call them crazy
(Murgatroid! Murgatroid!)

They laugh at the Minbari
Their computer's an Atari
Lothar beats up Sigmund Freud
(Murgatroid! Murgatroid!)

Check out Captain K-Y
With his goofy face
Bothered all the admirals
And was sent into outer space
He took over the Murgatroid
With help from Storvik
He drives the women crazy
Cuz he's a great big dick!

They buy booze from the Romulans
(Murgatroid! 'Gurgitate!)
The Captain loves Orions
(Murgatroid! Wanna date?)
Search for new life forms they can eat
(Murgatroid! Murga-Zoo!)
Corrupting all of Starfleet
(Monkey see! Monkey do!)

They're causing consternation
Don't let them on your station
Else your warranties are void
(Murgatroid! Murgatroid!)


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