Excerpts from the Murgatroid's Logs  

  Superfreaks -- They're Superfreaky (Ow!)  

We have no idea what was up with THIS alternate dimension! Superheroes, supervillains, metahumans, secret organizations -- a very odd universe (unlike our more enlightened society, of groupthink and endless meetings and compromises) where individuals with great power attempt to overthrow governments, take over societies, and generally steal that which does not belong to them (the closest analogs in our timeline would be the 20th Century's "Democratic Party").

But opposing these "forces of evil" were other individuals, also with great power and will, who altruistically fought the supervillains to protect the innocent and ensure truth and justice... These superheroes and supervillains seemed able to regularly do things which violated all known laws of physics! It was completely different from life in our universe.

We observed their epic battles; but did not interfere, as we were withheld from action by the Prime Directive (and Jellico sitting back and exclaiming "Neat!" as the combatants exchanged fire with unexplainable weapons and abilities).

(There was also a certain amount of fraterization in the ranks of both sides.)

RIGHT: Another oddity of this Universe was that its reality appeared to shift frequently (a phenomenon known as "retconning"; something of which we, of course, are totally unfamiliar). Pictured here are two different versions of the same individual, from adjacent timelines. Boundaries between the various universes seem weaker here, which may account for our finding ourselves in this universe (and we aren't the first; apparently, some inhabitants of this universe have met at least two Enterprises!)
CENTER: The Duct Tape Avenger. Really.
LEFT: Once the battles ended, we invited all the participants onboard the Murgatroid for negotiations and counselling -- and discovered that, for all of their great powers and abilities, they still could not defeat good old-fashioned Federation personnel in one very important manner: Jellico, Storvik, and Lothar drank each and every one of them under the table.

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