Commander Lothar  

Commander Lothar, the ship's counselor (pictured at left), is quite adept at solving all of the crew's problems; presuming, of course, that those problems can be solved by getting drunk... And Lothar has yet to come across a problem that can't be fixed with a strong prescription of alcohol. Click HERE to receive counselling from Lothar.
RIGHT: Lothar's evil twin Chad, from the Mirror Universe. Oh, the wacky problems he causes!

Lothar's personal logs: notchad

Storvik falls victim to a holodeck malfunction. Lothar attempts to call up a holographic doctor to fix the problem; but is only able to summon a simulation of 20th century DJ Doctor Demento...

In his spare time, Lothar (who considers himself a thippie, or "techno-hippie") is designing a small runabout/shuttle varient for himself. Here is his highly classified top secret preliminary drawing of the Alpha Beta Flyer that he drew while "administering self-counseling" in Ten Forward on that garbage scow, the USS Enterprise.
Lothar has written a standing prescription for attitude adjustment for anyone who calls it the "Alpha Beta Hot Potata".

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