Excerpts from the Murgatroid's Logs  

  Transsexual Transylvania  

On one of the occasions that Starfleet sent the Murgatroid VERY far away, during a critical part of the Dominion War, they made first contact with the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania (actually, second contact; Transylvanians spent some time on Earth during the twentieth century).

Transsexual was a really swinging party planet, and Jellico granted the crew shore leave. He instructed the crew to observe local taboos and mores (of which there weren't any) and to have fun getting involved in the local rituals... And in the locals...

Unfortunately, the locals tried to prevent the Murgatroid crew from leaving... Here, a stunned Storvik is carried away by two members of the Transvestite Shock Legions, and Qaren flees from one of their mad scientists...

But Storvik and Qaren managed to lead a successful escape with no casualties (from the Murgatroid crew). There has been very little official contact with the Transylvanian galaxy since then. Jellico filed a full report with Starfleet; bootleg copies of which (with pictures) are very popular with cadets at Starfleet Academy.

LEFT: Two years later Starfleet did open a secret, unofficial base on Transsexual; Storvik was sent there on temporary assignment (due to his previous experience with the inhabitants and local customs) to help open relations with the Transylvanians.
RIGHT: At the same time, Lieutenant T'Vit was on undercover assignment there impersonating one of their most beloved leaders, and reporting to Storvik.

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