Excerpts from the Murgatroid's Logs  

  The EAS Murgatroid  

The Murgatroid once took a wrong subspace turn at the planet Albuquerque and ended up in a completely different universe where we were actually forced to obey the laws of physics! When we first arrived in this universe, we encountered a strange one-man ship floating adrift in space. We revived the occupant (above; his name was Michael Garibaldi), asked him a few questions about his reality, and then turned him over the next Earth ships that came along (the same type of ship Garibaldi was flying, except with black Omega markings).

We needed supplies to repair the Murgatroid and build a device that would return us to our own universe (using a variation of the Jumpgate technology that the residents of this universe used to travel via hyperspace). It was decided, after some debate, to disguise ourselves as members of the Earth Alliance (the Earth government of this reality) and visit Babylon 5, the space station which Garibaldi told us so much about. We modelled our uniforms and cover identities upon the Psi Corps personnel who'd been so helpful in taking Garibaldi from us; and counterfitted identification codes to show that our ship was the EAS Murgatroid of the Earth government Psi Corps branch.

The reaction when we arrived at Babylon 5 caught us completely off-guard. They had apparently seceded from EarthGov, and were suspicious of any Earth vessels arriving there. Using Qaren's Q powers and Storvik's Vulcan telepathy, we attempted to reassure them that we were indeed members of their Psi Corps. This backfired, because the command staff seemed to harbor a special emnity towards the Psi Corps, and the first officer of the station attempted to convince her captain to immediately open fire on us!

Our next effort was to approach the alien ambassadors on the station and ask them for assistance.

LEFT: Londo Mollari, the alien at right, was approached first because Captain Jellico believed that Londo was a kindred spirit... But the ambassador told us that he wanted nothing to do with us or our "associates", whatever that means. Next, we spoke to Delenn of the Minbari (at right). She quickly saw through Ensign MacAllister's disguise (real Minbari don't sound like Woody Allen), but agreed to help us anyway once we made our plight known.
CENTER: Ensign MacAllister's Minbari disguise.
RIGHT: Counsellor Lothar went onto the station disguised as a Centauri. He joined the other Centauri in the bar, to engage them in conversation... And proceeded to get completely intoxicated and incapacitated for the remainder of our stay in this universe.

Zooty-Zoot-Zoot! Two of the most famous celebrities in this continuum, Rebo and Zooty. Storvik still doesn't understand their appeal.

While Delenn distracted the station's commander ("Don't worry, I'll just throw another obscure Minbari ritual at him!") Storvik went onto the station's command deck, accessed the computer banks, and made the necessary preparations and supply transfers to get the Murgatroid back where she belonged. (Note that Storvik habitually keeps his hair longer than the Vulcan norm, since he is so frequently called upon to hide his telltale ears.)
Storvik insisted upon repaying our unknowing benefactors; so he arranged a transfer of supplies from the Murgatroid to Babylon 5 (which was under an embargo by EarthGov), and altered the computer records to hide the fact that the station's shortages were suddenly less severe than they had been previously. He also traded stories with Delenn, who loved a good story (and some Vulcan poetry) and was actually an author -- she uses something called The Great Machine to publish her work on twentieth-century Earth.

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