Excerpts from the Murgatroid's Logs  

LEFT: The Murgatroid crew visits Spiceworld (no, not Arrakis!) Storvik insisted upon going undercover with the security detail. About two weeks after leaving Spiceworld, Captain Jellico discovered that Storvik had kept his disguise and was wearing it in his quarters... Vulcan officials requested Storvik's return for psychiatric examination; but Jellico replied, "Relax, don't worry about it, look over there!"
RIGHT: Storvik and Jellico on the planet Fanboy, dressed in native garb. The inhabitants were deemed not only unready for first contact, but downright creepy. No future expeditions are planned to Fanboy. Note that Starfleet would never deliberately assign the Murgatroid to a potential first contact situation; but because the Murgatroid is often sent wandering outside of normal travel routes, new contacts are inevitable.

LEFT: Data was hidden onboard the Murgatroid by Jean-Luc Picard for a brief time when it seemed that Starfleet was going to disassemble him for study. Fifteen seconds after meeting the Murgatroid crew, Data shut himself off with the request that he not be reactivated until he was back on the Enterprise.
RIGHT: Storvik attempted to design and build an android to assist Security -- and it did, in a way. T'Quad and a squad of her security officers used it for target practice when it tried to take over the ship. (The Murgatroid has not had good luck with androids.)


The Murgatroid crew taking shore leave at station Deep Space Nine in the Bajor system. One of the few places we've been that we're still allowed to return to.

Commander Storvik, Lieutenant Deener, and Ensign Cameron Riker investigating the Genderbender Anamoly in the Ranma Cluster that Alabama Picard later fell victim to.

T'Quad and Storvik recovering from an attack of devolution.

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