Commander Qaren  

Qaren the Omnipotent is a former member of the Q Continuum who was exiled for being too annoying even for them. She was stripped of all of her powers by the Q except for those she was able to conceal in her butt (which, unlike her butt, she is only able to control erratically). She was welcomed aboard the Murgatroid after demonstrating her spoon trick to Captain Jellico.

LEFT: Qaren in one of her favorite alternate universes.
CENTER: Qaren on a trip to the past... Her mission was to remove all evidence of one of our other "missions" to the past (Jellico had sent Storvik back to Earth's late 20th century to pick up a six-pack of something called "Pete's Wicked Ale").
RIGHT: While in the twentieth century, Qaren discovered the existence of a previously-unknown supercomputer in the laboratory of a young genius named Dexter. Disguised as Dexter's sister DeeDee, she infiltrated the lab and erased all evidence of temporal incursions that the supercomputer had recorded.

LEFT: Qaren beams down to Pleasantville...
CENTER: Qaren as she used to look, when she hung out with Guinan on 19th-century Earth
RIGHT: Qaren, back when, all in all, she was just another brick in the Continuum

LEFT: Qaren and Storvik disguised as aliens from a place called Canada
RIGHT: Qaren used up a few month's worth of her limited residual Q powers to grant life and sentience to a holodeck character named Major Beefcake, whom she met while enjoying a Shore Leave program with the command staff while the ship was temporarily lost in a void. She has refused all requests from Jellico to animate any of the characters from his questionable programs.

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