Commander Storvik  

Commander Storvik, first officer of the Murgatroid, is in charge of science, weapons (Captain Jellico refuses to refer to Storvik's station as "tactical" or "defense"), and keeping Jellico out of trouble. The last occupies most of his time, and often requires Storvik to work triple shifts. Storvik's parents on Vulcan sent him away to Starfleet Academy on Earth when they caught him studying the teachings of Ambassador Spock's late brother Sybok; their political connections were able to secure his position on the Murgatroid. At right is Storvik with his betrothed, T'Vit, on an undercover first contact mission.

Storvik's personal logs: storvik

LEFT: Storvik and the Murgatroid's sole Klingon crewmember, Qo'Sher (a close relative of Chancellor Gowron's wife). Gowron wanted to get rid of Qo'Sher (the Klingon accountant) but could not kill him without infuriating his wife -- so he imposed upon Captain Jean-Luc Picard to arrange for a berth for Qo'Sher on the Murgatroid (which even the Klingons have heard of).
RIGHT: Storvik during his brief assimilation into the Borg as Fifth Of Three. He is the only drone the Borg ever willingly allowed to leave the Collective.

This small investigation starship was Storvik's first command -- and he'd still have it, too, if it wasn't for those meddling Klingons!

LEFT: Storvik goes undercover as a pirate working for the Orion Syndicate. That is the first, last, and only time he will allow Captain Jellico to design his disguise.
CENTER: Whenever the replicators are down or power is being conserved, Storvik takes over as ship's Chef and serves up his Salisbury Steaks or special Vulcan Meatballs. Storvik's balls are famous throughout the Alpha Quadrant, no one can have just one...
RIGHT: Storvik, experimenting with a new type of transporter, accidentally has his DNA merged with a fly's. Within 48 standard minutes, the problem resolved itself and he was back to normal the next week...

Storvik, master of disguise, on some other away missions.

LEFT: This picture is our Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). It is only used in extreme emergencies, or when Mib Khan is drunk or hung over. In other words, it's almost constantly running. The Murgatroid is also equipped with an Emergency Bartender Hologram and Emergency Gopher Hologram.
RIGHT: Storvik discovered an alien mask with strange powers and went out of control, until Captain Jellico banned "SSSSMOKIN'!!!" on the Murgatroid.

Storvik, in Earth's late twentieth century, is apprehended and studied by officials trained in dealing with the unusual... Of course, two nerve pinches and mind melds later, they didn't remember a thing...

LEFT: Storvik, again in Earth's late twentieth century, attends the taping of Steve Martin's historic masterpiece, "King Tut"...
RIGHT: Storvik's protege, T'Mand

Storvik suffers a completely unexpected attack of vampirism while on the planet Bloodsucker 5.

Storvik in ponn farr -- it ain't pretty, but many find it funny...

Jellico and Qaren attempt to cure Storvik's illogical cross-dressing fixation by instead convincing him to impersonate the historical Earth religious figure "Elvis". Sadly, this had no effect on his tendency toward show tunes.

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