Captain K.Y. Jellico  

Captain K. Y. Jellico, commanding officer of the Murgatroid, distinguished himself early at the academy. Although there have been several cadets who managed to succeed at the supposedly no-win character building Kobayashi Maru scenario, Cadet Kenton Jellico is the only cadet ever to fail the supposedly no-lose confidence building Good Ship Lollipop scenario. He is also Starfleet's only Elvis impersonator. Upon being assigned temporary command of the USS Murgatroid (an experimental Defiant-class ship) for a test run, he has refused to return the ship and changed all command and computer codes so that the ship can only be operated by Jellico and those loyal to him. His avowed goal as captain is to "make Jimmy Kirk proud"; and his exploits in search of women and booze are legendary (and part of the reason for his crew's extreme loyalty). The fact that he's not rotting on a penal colony somewhere can be attributed in part to his never being caught crossing the line too far, his occasion successes on behalf of the Federation, and the intervention of his uncle, Admiral Jellico.

Jellico's personal logs: kyjellico

LEFT: Captain Jellico pleading for mercy from a Starfleet tribunal
CENTER: Jellico, disguised as Admiral Flanders for a visit to Planet Springfield, attempts to gather "information" to force the Admiralty to back off of his case.
RIGHT: Captain Jellico's final appearance before the tribunal. He insists that he is "not a crook", and distracts the judges long enough for Storvik to beam away the evidence.

LEFT: Jellico and Khan in a rare (i.e. still sober) moment on shore leave.
CENTER: Jellico is a big supporter of an obsolete Terran philosophic school of thought known as Marxism. Storvik tells him repeatedly, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
RIGHT: Jellico always tries to honor all local customs when on shore leave -- here, he prepares to beam down to San Francisco while the Murgatroid is in Spacedock.

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