USS Murgatroid  

NCC 4711\4Q
"Veni Vino Vamoose" (I came, I drank, I left)

"Secret? Nah, we're just not listed in the official Starfleet registry because they're ashamed of us." The Defiant-class USS Murgatroid is the only other ship in the fleet (apart from its prototype assigned to Deep Space Nine in the Bajor system) equipped with a Romulan Cloaking Device, and the only ship in the fleet required by direct order of the admiralty to keep its cloak active at all times.

The Murgatroid's crew (pictured below are Captain Jellico, Commander Storvik, and Qaren) has been referred to as the Federation's Foreign Legion. Misfits and troublemakers who cannot fit in anywhere else in Starfleet often end up on the Murgatroid (or "accidentally" lost in Delta Quadrant -- but that's another, and badly written, story). Both discipline and adherence to UFP regulations and mores are rather lax on the Murgatroid; but Starfleet High Command doesn't care too much as long as the Murgatroid stays out of sight; or at least, out of the way.

Starfleet occasionally sends the Murgatroid out on covert missions, when the top brass want deniability but aren't too concerned with results, and attempts to control or moderate their behavior from time to time. These attempts generally fail. The Murgatroid seems to wander more-or-less at random, their destinations and reasons known only to themselves. Their shore leaves are legendary.

Collected herein are some of the ship's Logs as well as the Murgatroid theme song and other pieces of evidence to be used against them at some time in a court of law. These pages are best viewed with a resolution of at least 800x600 (though higher is recommended) and at least a 16-bit (65,536 color) palette.

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The USS Murgatroid pages were named among the Worst of the Web by (yes, I'm taking that as a big compliment!) Further, Kaz at the Open Directory Project describes the Murgatroid thusly:

This site is more horrific than the worst trekkie convention stereotypes the Animaniacs could ever imagine. All human beings must go here and then cower in terror at what their species can become...
(Little do they realize that that is the point... muahahahahaha...)

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