Frank-N-Furter, it's all over! -- Page One

On Saturday, 24 February 2001, I played Frank-N-Furter (with the Sincere Lust cast in Newark, Delaware) for the first time in almost six years... I'd actually retired as Frank in '94, but I performed him one more time in '95 for an anniversary show (for the Castle Transylvanians' one-year anniversary, Lisa wanted to re-create the original cast from the very first CT show). But, after several months of diet, exercise, and assembling costume pieces, I was as ready as I'd ever be. I had chosen this date for the performance because it was the weekend after my birthday...

Jeff and Melissa as Brad and Janet, with a special appearance by former president Richard M. Nixon

Nitsirk, Cris, and Kate as Riff, Magenta, and Columbia

Arthur as the sweetest transvestite

Who's that man all dressed in green?

The birth of Rocky (Randy)

Glenn as Eddie, aka dinner

Time for bed!

Elbow sex

Rocky and Janet get tanked

Whip it good!

What's for dinner?

Columbia plays with her food

Will Dr. Scott (Jim) save the day, or just get stoned?

All you people ever do is bitch, bitch, bitch...

Rick and Sugar (two of my pet ferrets) played the part of Frank's fur stole

It looks like Columbia is hurting Brad

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye

Riff and Mags are going home, and we have no idea where Janet's going

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