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These pictures were taken on August 4th, 2001, at the Purgatory Chasm State Park in Sutton, Massachusetts. For the first time in many years, the D00Ds descended upon the Chasm in force, Thingy in hand, to hang out, wander around, and generally make a lot of noise and knees-bent running-around advancing behavior...

(1) Dr. Snavely
(2) Jim "GWIII" Bannon
(3) Kevin "Zork" Cafferty
(4) George "Ford Prefect" Kulz
(5) John "Sergeant Friday" Mehrtens
(6) Cannon Ball
(7) Mike "Kremlar" Boulanger
(8) Aaron "Tio Sancho" Charlwood
(9) Yan-Chi "Angie" Tung, a.k.a. "Dude!"
(10) Arthur "Back Slash" Levesque
(11) Bob Boisvert
(12) Honest Artie's "Rolling Stone" model

LEFT: John on the rocks... Climbing like that really takes balls! Oh, what a give-away!!
RIGHT: Ford and Cannon Ball going into The Devil's Coffin

On August 4th, 2002, we returned to Purgatory Chasm -- is it an honourable tradition now, or a cheap running gag? This one was more of a last-minute event, with less attendance, but still fun...

LEFT: John and George are clearly up to no good.
RIGHT: John, Yan-Chi, Aaron, and Nate "Tron/The Enchanter" Goulet.

We visited all of the usual locations, and hiked pretty deep into the woods.

LEFT: Ah, the majesty of man interacting with nature!
CENTER: Ah, the majesty of my new car!
RIGHT: Ah, the majesty of finding where the swings have been moved to, for the ancient ceremony to appease the Chasm Gods!

LEFT: Aaron and Yan-Chi on the seesaw, causing much butt-ache.
RIGHT: Arthur, proving that he could operate a seesaw by himself.

The inevitable geekiness: John's Lupin III pachinko game (based upon a pretty good anime movie series) and one of Nate's arcade games, powering up...

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