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[] UserBabble: More BS from BS

Here's the newest news: After leaving this page untouched for over a year, I've finally gotten back to updating it -- prompted by the newly-established Dragnet mailing list. Feel free to send me new or modified information for the "Where are they now" section below, as well as other Dragnet stories and so forth...


  • A Day In The Life (by Back Slash)
  • Gang Bang (Continuing Story by the Dragnet D00Ds)
  • Iraqnophobia (the Dragnet D00Ds' grand opus -- BIG!)
  • Kiss of the Cyber Woman (by Back Slash)
  • Main Menus (parodies of the original Main Menu by Back Slash)
  • Sergeant Foul's Bane (by Back Slash)
  • The Blue Plague (by Back Slash)
  • The Blue Plague II - All Dead On The Western Front (by Back Slash)
  • The Duke Puts Up His Dukes (by Back Slash)
  • The Great Debate (by Back Slash)
  • The Haiku War (by various members)
  • The Spy Who Clubbed Me (by Back Slash)
  • Untitled/Unfinished (Continuing Story from alt.rhode_island.bbs)

  • Telnet to Sarge's current Dragnet
  • A brief Dragnet history (by JohnSarge)
  • Dragnet Photos
  • [] The Rogue's Gallery -- Dragnetter Addresses:

    These are the current e-mail addresses of the people who were on Dragnet way back when, and web pages where applicable. Also, some of the people on this list have written short "Where are they now?" blurbs -- Click on their names to read this text. If you're on this list, or should be, please e-mail me with any additions or corrections desired...

    Name Handle(s) EMail Web Page LiveJournal ICQ AIM
    Almeida, Rick Ian A.        
    Bannon, James GWIII userinfogwiii   GWIIIster
    Bishop, Steve Cannon Ball        
    Boisvert, Bob        
    Boulanger, Mike Kremlar     1406300 MikesterRX7
    Cafferty, Kevin Zork Pendragon        
    Carpenter, Charlie An Alias, Bad Apple...          
    Charlwood, Aaron Tio Sancho     bodhimindspirit
    Chudy, Stu -=]Hawkwind[=-, Holy Cow      
    Constantineau, Linda Aphrodite        
    Crowley, Joe Phantom of the Opera   userinfohikeeba    
    DiBasco, Dennis Col. Kurtz        
    Evans, Giles Selig Snave, Dr. Snave        
    Gaudreau, Jay Glitch        
    Goulet, Matthew Moonbeam        
    Goulet, Nate The Enchanter      
    Gregoire, Eric Greg Ericson      
    Guertin, Tim Killroy     HandsomeTim2
    Gray, Liam Lime Jello        
    Haigh/Tomlinson, John Wild Child        
    Hanley, Brad        
    Hoitt, Rob Starscream, §τΔΓscrΣα?      
    Johnson, Mike Excalibur, Merlin        
    Kulz, George Ford Prefect        
    Larsen, Mark Dreamaker        
    Leveille, Brian Zaphod Beeblebrox, Herb the Ginseng Drummer        
    Levesque, Arthur Back Slash, Electric Monk... and userinfoallah_sulu, userinfostorvik    
    Mehrtens, John Sergeant Friday, Blop the Ballerina... userinfoblargblarg    
    Messier, Don Shadowstorm      
    Mingain, Mark Arthur Dent     brenakie
    Moon, John Reynard the Fox        
    Pavia, Kevin Worminator X-1     15266097  
    Piette, Jay Avatar        
    Perry, Randy Jaeger        
    Plante, Mike Homey the Clown        
    Scetta, Mark 0dysseus      
    St.Jean, Pat Madmouser   15810111  

    [] The Bathroom Wall -- Where Are They Now?

    Bannon, Jim -- Greetings from the Land of The GWIIISter! Now it has been a few more years since I wrote the last "where is the GWIIIster", gosh time is a weird thing. Just when you think you have got a pretty good handle on how it works and where it goes, it doesn't work and it is all gone. Where am I now? (You may have asked this question, you may not have; but, like the French, I will tell you anyway.) I have parted company with the Sarge (see episode 14 "The GWIIIster Goes A-Hiking") and after a brief, but cheese filled, period in Rhode Island, I moved to Maryland and in with the Backslash. Pretty soon I should have moved in with each of the original dragnetters, it could be your turn next!!! Anyway, I no longer teach, which is good; I work at T. Rowe Price, which is better; and am very happy down here in Maryland, which is best. Come and visit or I will be forced to move in with you too... snicker. Snater.

    Cafferty, Kevin -- What I'm up to these days: Right now I'm concentrating on graduating college (with degrees in Journalism and English), I'm also interning at Channel 6 in Providence where I edit footage and run cameras for newscasts. I work at the University of Rhode Island Audio-Visual Center in the TV Production Center, for University of Rhode Island Technical Productions as a sound engineer, and I'm the Program Director of WRIU-Kingston, the largest non-commercial radio station in Southern New England, where I've done a weekly radio show (called "Shindig") for the past four+ years with fellow Drag/NET-er Liam, with occasional on-air guest visits from Tim Killroy, as well. Jay Piette and I managed to effectively take over the broadcast wing of the Student Union and use it for our own evil ends. This is starting to sound like a fricking resume', so I'll mention that I still have ridiculously elitist taste in music, bad romantic luck, drive a Volkswagon Rabbit, watch STAR WARS a whole lot, and am still not COMPLETELY convinced that Arthur wasn't Cannon Ball.

    Charlwood, Aaron -- I am Sancho. There are many Toms and Jeffs in the world, but I -- I am Sancho.
    I live out in the beautiful Berkshire mountains just past the western border of Massachusetts with my wonderful woman
    Angie. I work with Gilder Publishing doing back-end network engineering and web development. I'm also into homebrewing, doing yoga, being granola, making music, paying off student loans, and avoiding duct tape.

    Chudy, Stu -- I once heard that you'll never get rich working for someone else... So, after my long design career in television/film/web/print working for varous employers, I'm leaving my current job ( of 3 years to go freelance. I have some fun but demanding clients (Metropolis, Cardi's). I've been living in a studio/loft in Providence since October, 1999; and this will soon be my primary office. If I can ever scrape up enough free time, I want to produce some independant films here.

    Evans, Giles -- I've purchased a house and gotten married. I am now gathering stones to squeeze to pay off the debt accumulated from both. I owe, I owe, so off to work I go...

    Guertin, Tim -- Let us see. After my Atari computer couldn't call Dragnet and technology moved onward, I barely graduated high school and somehow talked my way into attending University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth in Fine Arts (Sculpture) where I got a college degree for using power tools and building silly things. During college I woke up one day and found myself working at a tattoo studio which I stayed at for many years afterwards. Also during my college years, I met a wonderful girl from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) who is a tattoo artist, and we ended up getting married in September of 2000. We opened up our own tattoo studio in Newport, Rhode Island ( which is where I can be found daily. These days I enjoy road cycling, watching DVD's, slowly covering my body with stupid tattoos, teaching myself how to use computers again after a long break from them, and sometimes using doing artwork, sometimes.

    Haigh/Tomlinson, John -- It has been a long and winding path through life, filled with a dizzying array of things I have learned, which for the moment has deposited me as a Network Administrator, so I get to cope with Gates's brain-damaged programmers all day every day. YAY! At least I can hide Linux servers in the backend where they quietly chug away, problem free, with the benighted MS users not having a clue that the increased reliability of thier network is NOT an artifact of "Microsoft's latest and greatest" Thank god for general ignorance, or LAN backups would be a fuggin nightmare (STOOPID NTFS). I also do a fair amount of freelance web-work, pages and whatnot, when the oppertunities arise. Oh, and I did eventually find a rare and genuinely lovely woman who is (amazingly) willing to put up with my fragmented and eclectic ways. Miracles DO happen. Imagine that. She's even smart. Go figure!.

    Hoitt, Rob -- When John and I got to know each other we worked together at WMUR. I went on to work for WNDS as a professional weatherman handler. These days I am the regional trainer with a contractor to a major cellular provider. I now live in the Metro Washigton DC area... I was also a user of Drag-Net/North.

    Levesque, Arthur -- I moved out of RI and into Maryland back in 1991, and have fluctuated around the Maryland/Virginia area since then. In 1999, I dragged my evil twin the GWIIIster down here. I work in Virginia (just outside DC) as a programmer/analyst for a civil engineering firm with various government/military contracts. I was just married in May of 2003. I still suffer from that rare ailment, Mannequin Depression; and manage to scare and confuse all who encounter me. But yes! I have no nuclear weapons. I have no nuclear weapons today!

    Mehrtens, John -- (working on new bio)

    Messier, Don -- About 6 months ago I moved out of RI to the great state of New Hampshire just to realize that 50 miles per day minimum travel and 90 hour work weeks were just a horrible way to live. So I decided to follow a friend to San Antonio, TX where I have already applied to 12 different computer related positions ranging from something as simple as network trouble shooting to Web Mastering. All of which, of course, are paying nearly twice the amount that my current job (Tech at CompUSA) is paying.

    Pavia, Kevin -- Working as an Optometric Technician for a local doctor's office, and in the US Air Force as the same thing. Spent four years living in New Mexico as a computer repair tech with the 150th fighter wing, then transfered back to Rhode Island.

    St. Jean, Pat -- I am in Fort Worth, Texas working for an ISP as their head of security and manager of the abuse department. On my off time I've been riding my Harley, hanging out with the SCA, fencing, brewing my own beer, and blasting small fuzzy animals with high powered weapons. Spat does not exist anymore (and I have the papers to prove it).

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