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Note: I suck at names, and I didn't take down the names of the people I wasn't sure of, like JefF What's-his-name did... So, rather than guess and be wrong (which I already did, and had to change when someone told me "That's not ME!"), I'll leave out any names of people I'm not sure of -- If you know them, or are one of them, let me know and I'll update the page!

People at the convention... One of the costumes I wore was my nun habit (I didn't bring any costumes that were related in any way to Rocky Horror or Shock Treatment) and I had to pose with someone else (Bob) who had a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. A number of people pointed out to me, for future reference, that my nun costume is incomplete without a wooden yardstick.
The person on the left is Amber from Austin's Queerios.

LEFT: Ruth Fink-Winter presents Cosmo with the annual (or semi-annual, or whatever -- I'm not sure) BOSS Award.
CENTER: More Blind Brady! Brady Ferguson was blinded by the light (all right, by my camera) at the auction... "Those posters are gonna do you a lot of good when you're blind!!!!" I was only joking, and kept making the same joke every time he won an auction -- and he kept looking!
RIGHT: An OT (Original Transta) for Midnight Insanity's Rocky-related parody of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise".

Denizens of the Zen Room, a chat room located in Cosmo's Factory. Click HERE for more photos of Zenners...

A striptease to Billy Idol's "White Wedding"; complete with a Billy Idol impersonator...

Another preshow, this one a parody of a famous series of credit card commercials... They listed the costs of a variety or Rocky Horror AP props, while handing them to a man in a robe. He then shed the robe, revealing his floor show attire, as the voiceover delivered the punchline "Getting to dress up in women's clothing -- Priceless."



The Denver cast's hilarious Rocky Horror/South Park crossover sketch...

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