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Dressing up has always been ... my greatest joy

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These photos were taken at the RockyCon in Denver, Colorado, in April 1999. I also gave a lot of pictures to Fred for her page. But first -- a song, and then on to the costume contest!

Note: I suck at names, and I didn't take down the names of the people I wasn't sure of, like JefF What's-his-name did... So, rather than guess and be wrong (which I already did, and had to change when someone told me "That's not ME!"), I'll leave out any names of people I'm not sure of -- If you know them, or are one of them, let me know and I'll update the page!

Here's Felix Gallo dressed as ArquetteFurter (David Arquette's recent portrayal of Frank-N-Furter on stage in California) on the left... And on the right, what convention would be complete without a tease, tramp, and hooker (from Barely Legal)?

But the winner in the Most Creative category was Shawn Stutler with the giant mousetrap (who else loved that game as a kid?) who recreated a Richard O'Brien short called Contraption... Although Fred's convincing drag outfit was most impressive...

Contestants in the Trixie (the red one is Lila), Dr. Scott (Scott Labrecque), and Space Riff categories. Sir Adrian Dangerous, who was the winning (and only) Space Riff, was also kind enough not to kill me when I accidentally broke his gun while taking him to the airport Sunday morning...

The Rocky Category. Fred won, although the bandages (impressive as they were) had nothing to do with the judges' decision.

Brad and Janet. Karen Kenzie, the female Brad, didn't win (and probably didn't expect to) but still went to the impressive extremes of fake chest and leg hair in addition to the package in the tighty whiteys...

Look, Al! Columbiae!
The winner was the tiny Columbia, Katy Harris. Mandi Zullo's on the far right.



Contestants in the Shock Treatment categories. That's one of my badges that the Betty is wearing; I'll have an improved template up on my Rocky page soon... Elaine Truvor is Judge Oliver Wright.

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