RHPS at the Lincoln Theater, Washington DC -- Page One

On Saturday, June Third, 2000, the combined freaks of the Castle Transylvanians and Sincere Lust performed The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC, for the Capital Pride Film Festival.

The theater was HUGE. After some debate, we decided to bring just about all of our props for the show. (It took us two cars, one minivan, and my evil twin's pickup truck.) We drove down early Saturday afternoon and stored the costumes and props in the back of the theater and in the dressing rooms. Above are two pictures taken of the front and back of the theater, during the afternoon (between movies) while we were looking around. Congressman Barney Frank was making a short speech on the screen...

Here, Jeff is unpacking and arranging his costumes in his dressing area, while Sarah is almost invisible standing in front of Doke in her special blue camoflague shirt...

Having the afternoon to kill before our performance, we had a late lunch/early dinner and then headed out into the city -- just typical tourists (I hate fucking tourists!)

Holding up the Washington Monument, and Cris posing with the great Deliverer of Dew (she drinks a couple of six-packs a day and is one of the few people I know who can compete with my ferrets for hyperactivity and attention span.)

Dancing on the Mall in the middle of DC -- that castle in the background (the Smithsonian, most famous for being the site of The Lobe's attempt to blast Freakazoid into space tied to a rocket) really needs a geodesic dome to give it just the right Castle Transylvanian look...

We spent the afternoon wandering DC, visiting museums and memorials, gaping at 3D IMAX, and getting bad sunburns (well, I know I did). Here Kate stands in a giant vagina (doesn't she look happy?) and takes a leak in a fountain (the rest of us just threw in pennies)...

We got back to the theater at about nine, and had plenty of time to rest, cool off, and get all of our props and costumes arranged and placed where we needed them. Then we all got dressed and made up in out costumes, and went out to meet the audience waiting outside.
LEFT: I like to alter the "Boss" tattoo on Frank for special occasions, here's what I put on Jeff for this show.
RIGHT: Cris, in costume and make-up as Riff, stubble and all...


The theater was huge and impressive, the crowd was numerous and enthusiastic (we don't have a count yet). We used some of the theater's stage lighting (but not all, so we wouldn't wash the screen) and Doke's big flashlights. We had a great time performing and got some of the best applause we've ever gotten.

Driving the car in the rain, listening to the radio... In case you can't tell from the picture, Cris is standing behind us wearing a Richard Nixon mask... (The only thing we had to search people for and confiscate before the show was water pistols -- rice, toast, and all the other standard props were thrown. We were so glad that we didn't have to clean up!)

(Just about the only prop we didn't bring was the horse for Rocky and Frank to sit on... But that's why we have slaves like Flipper...)

Look! In the back of the theater! The audience was packed all the way to the back row, but I don't think they were seating up in the balcony areas.

The curtain call! They loved us, they really loved us!!! After the show, we had to drive all the way to Towson to bring back our props, and then all the way home from there... I didn't get to bed until 6 a.m. and was dead all day Sunday... But it was SO worth it!

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