Rocky Horror in Chicago

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These are my pictures from the The Un-Toucha-Touchables Convention in Chicago, Illinois. It was thrown July 27-30, 2006, by the Midnight Madness Rocky Horror Picture Show floorshow cast.


We drove all the way from Maryland to Chicago. Our son Richard only had to sit through half of the ride; we dropped him off with his grandparents in Ohio. (This was, to date, the longest we've been away from him.)

FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2006

I was dressed as Captain Feathersword, a character from The Wiggles (a show from Australia for children), and my wife Q was one of my crew. (My costume is only partially finished so far, BTW.) There were an awful lot of pirates at this convention, even though the theme was supposed to be Roaring Twenties-type gangsters. (I also dressed as a ninja and Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf, but didn't get pictures; I'm sure some other people did.)

Rebecca (queenazura) in her Miss Scarlet costume (for the Clue floorshow) looks like a she's wearing a vagina.

Clue was shown using a video projector (while Shock Treatment was shown on video). I saw little of Shock Treatment and none of Rocky Horror; but Clue floorshow pics are much rarer so I made sure to get a lot of pics (some of which came out too dark, though).

Q and I were perfectly placed to act out the barking dogs in the scene where Mr. Boddy tries to leave the castle, and got some great audience reaction (and compliments afterwards).

From left to right:

From left to right:

Erin was a little distraught because – at a Rocky Horror convention! – her underwear was sticking out where people could see it.

Same as above, except that you can see more of Mad Man Mike (dentonmmm) behind Emily (tugena13), and less of Erin (clevergirl123)'s underwear.

This one's a little darker (as were many of the Clue pictures I took, since I was sitting a few rows back, and off to the side). From left to right:

Joanna (bttrpr), as Miss Peacock, holds a gun on Mad Man Mike (dentonmmm), as Wadsworth.

From left to right:

My wife Q doing Prince's "Darling Nikki" for the live band karaoke. I believe she was the first one up.

Also doing karaoke is Kevin Boycik (richteaboy)'s wife Stacey.

A Chicago area burlesque performer, dressed as Sherlock Holmes and stripping to the Pink Panther theme. Yeah, that's different.

"The Great" Luke Ski putting on a performance…

…and posing with Carrie (pixelene) by his table of CDs.

The punch bowl from my hotel room. Since my room was on a different tower from almost everyone else, when I made the second batch on Saturday, I transported most of it to the Horse Brutality suite. Note the gigantic paper umbrella to go with the huge drink; I actually brought my Ryoga parasol along so that Emily (tugena13) could borrow it for the "Kung Fu"-style Rocky Horror showing.

Sarah (razora) had wings tattooed on her back. This was the best picture I could get, because most of the time she was constantly in motion and/or the tattoos were obscured by her long hair. I found them interesting, since wings are part of my Allah Sulu LJ idiom – but don't expect me to get similar tattoos, because

  1. I already have tattoos on my shoulder blades, and
  2. I don't want to have to shave my head to get a Santa hat tattooed on next.

During the second round of live band karaoke, Q finished the set with a kick-ass rendition of Dexy's Midnight Runners' "Come On Eileen".

Q was later presented with a "Best of Vaudeville" Superlative Award for her karaoke performances.

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