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My Name is Arthur Levesque, and this is my entirely far-too-neglected Rocky Horror webpage. (I've given it a facelift in 2009, for the first time in a decade; but only a quick-and-dirty one mainly concerned with pruning dead branches. Most of my old pages have simply been taken down altogether.) I lost my Rocky Horror virginity a long time ago, on Halloween in 1986, at the (now defunct) Cumberland Twin Cinemas. I first started performing with the Absolute Pleasure Players in 1991 when they were at the Meadowbrook Cinemas in Warwick, RI. I have since played every part in the movie many times, and performed with several other casts in several states. The Meadowbrook Cinemas (later renamed Limelight) have since closed and been demolished, but I have a couple of the seats as souvenirs. I've never kept a count of how many shows I've seen (or performed in); but it's definitely well over a thousand. I am currently a (semi-active) member of the Transylvanian Concubines Rocky Horror cast in Fairfax, Virginia. Pictures of me can be found in Sal Piro's Creatures of the Night II (with my old cast, the Castle Transylvanians) as well as in my photo pages. One of the things I'm best known for in the Rocky Horror community are the song parodies I write; another is the infamous punch I mix at conventions. I'm married to Q, keeper of the Richard O'Brien Crusade web page and parody collaborator. I can be contacted at gmail dot com with the name storvik, or found on LiveJournal at Allah Sulu.

In addition to my song parodies (and other text files) and my photo pages (which include conventions, special shows with my cast, and so forth), I have made some icons, clip art, and other Rocky Horror-related items which can be found on my download page. Q has recorded some of my song parodies (as well as some of her own, and a couple which we collaborated on) which we'd like to collect and sell on CDs, so they aren't available for download. However, there are a couple of MP3s available from my cast's preshow which I co-wrote for the 25th Anniversary Rocky Horror Convention in Las Vegas in 2000.

The Cast … Is Completely Crazy

There are web pages dedicated to some members of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show movie cast (who are, in some cases, also the original Rocky Horror Show stage cast and members of the Shock Treatment cast as well): Q has the Richard O'Brien Crusade, Bill Ung has the Brad Majors Internet Shrine for Barry Bostwick (along with a separate Janet page for Susan Sarandon), the Temple of Tim is dedicated to Tim "Frank-N-Furter" Curry, and there's Nell's World for the actress who played Columbia/Ansalong. In addition to those, there are web pages for floorshow most casts across the country and around the world – the Official Fan Site has a location search page which you can use to find the nearest cast to you, or any other cast you wish to find; as a back-up, you can try the cast list on Midnight Madness' Ultimate Links Page. (That being the case, I'm no longer going to keep a list of them here.) However, the cast member (or other fan) might find these resources useful: Ruth's Anal Retentive Costume List, Bruce Cutter's Dark Refrains merchandise, and Shawn's Rocky Music site. If you're on LiveJournal, you should probably join the rockyhorrorshow community. …Oh, and you can't forget the Infamous Brad-Riff Buttfuck Scene!

You Need a Bit of – Oooh, Shock Treatment!

Screw that inane quote people love to parrot because they think it's clever… Shock Treatment is a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But is it also an equal? The first time I saw Shock Treatment (in the summer of 1991; thank you, Lee Ann), I hated it (a common first reaction). However, like fungus, it really grows on you over time. I've seen a number of live performances of Shock Treatment (at conventions and put on by casts, including my own), and so far I have played the following characters: Harry Weiss (two full shows with the Castle Transylvanians and in the Shock Treatment Tribute at the 25th Anniversay Convention in Las Vegas), Bert Schnick (in a 1997 pre-show in Springfield, VA, and at the East Coast 2000 Convention in Allentown, PA), Irwen Lapsey (in Cincinnati, OH, with the Simply His Servants cast), Oliver Wright and Kirk (thrown into both parts unprepated at different conventions). For more information, see the Richard O'Brien Crusade and Cosmo's Factory.

Revenge of the Old Queen

Revenge of the Old Queen is the rough draft of a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show that Richard O'Brien penned several years ago. Unlike Shock Treatment, it really was meant to be a sequel. The script was passed around amongst a small group of fans for years before it was released on-line (without authorization) to the general public in 1997. There has been some controversy over whether or not the script should be read or distributed, though there does not seem to be any likelihood of the movie ever being made at this time; so sayeth Richard O'Brien himself. (Although Ritz is perpetually working on a stage play which is a different follow-up to The Rocky Horror Show and sounds a lot like an earlier idea of his, Rocky Horror Shows His Heels – which he had originally worked on before Shock Treatment.) For more information, see the ROTOQ page on the Richard O'Brien Crusade site.