Allentown Rocky-Palooza in 2001 Photo Album -- Page Five

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These photos were taken on March 10, 2001, when the freaks returned to Allentown for a party the year after the East Coast 2000 RockyCon for the first Rocky Palooza at the Americus (map). This page is best viewed with at least 800x600 resolution. As always, I'm horrible at remembering names and placing them to faces; so if any captions need to be added or corrected, just email me.

Some of the first people to arrive at the hotel were
Babs, myself, and Vanessa (a.k.a. Q, of the Richard O'Brien Crusade).
This picture was taken in my room (the infamous Room 301) before the mixing and consuming of drinks began...

Other visitors to the room: Little Jen (from Transylvanian Nipple Productions)
and Mike Rosensweig (who's recently returned to the Castle Transylvanians).
Note that the drinking has begun (Jen is using my breast-shaped mug, a present from my roommates).
Mike is drinking some of the punch I made for the party; legends are still spoken in whispers about my punch...

LEFT: Someone (who shall remain nameless) mucking about in the basement of the hotel where they didn't belong...
RIGHT: Vanessa after merely catching a whiff of my incredibly strong punch.

The very shiny Fluffy, and the very goth-looking Sheri Rosensweig
(these two pictures, and the one below, are from Sheri).

From left to right: Sean Towmey, Ruth Fink-Winter, Vanessa "Q" Vittoe, Arthur Levesque, and Mike Rosensweig

LEFT: Q with the breast mug (this picture taken by Ruth).
RIGHT: Uncle Ken impersonating Benny Hill
(this picture, and all the rest on this page, were taken by Sean Twomey).

More people arrive! Someone who's name I should know but can't quite produce, Atlas, and Cosmo...

LEFT: Bill Brennan; who, like Cosmo, made a brief appearance then left...
RIGHT: More babes and booze...


The many faces and talents of Q!
Lapdancing, err -- I dunno, cancer self-exams, deep-throating Pepsi, and just plain zealous enthusiasm!

The audience and performers gathering in the theater lobby

From left to right: Sean (from Elkton's Transexual Misfits, now performing with the Castle Transylvanians),
Ruth (braving Frank-N-Flatulence to get a good picture), and boobs.

Back to the hotel, for candy, cuffs, correspondence, and consummation...

Nice cans, Babs! And Q gets a backrub from Arthur

People putting on their PJs, and jumping on the bed

Sunday -- Time to go. See ya next time!

Other Rocky-Palooza 3/10/2001 photo pages have been put up by Sheri Rosensweig and Sticky-Man & Sticky-Sam

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