EC2000 Allentown Convention Photo Album -- Page Four

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These photos were taken at the East Coast 2000 RockyCon in Allentown, PA, by another castmate, Doctor Steve (and for those shots that he's in, I believe Karen Savage was using his camera). He also shot almost two hours of videotape which I hope to capture frames (and possibly audio/video) sometime soon...

This picture was from our last show... I won't even try to explain...

LEFT: Steve with the Diva Perre
RIGHT: From left to right -- Karen Savage, Todd Douglass, Kate, Mr. Flibble (the penguin puppet), Ken Weitzel, and Jim Bannon (as a character from one of my favorite episodes of Red Dwarf)

Three Schniks, and the Frank costume contest (with a disgruntled-looking Sal)

Karen Savage asks Nell a question, and Todd Douglass poses with Nell -- Don't ask me, I don't know either.

Steve and Kate pose with Nell

Nell explains it all, and poses with my fat ass

Nell answers an easy question, but then seems perplexed by Kate

The Disney pre-show -- I hope for Rocky's sake that that isn't poison ivy...

"Putting on the Ritz" from Young Frankenstein

The Spice Girls...

Steve with Uncle Ken

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